Emilie Jasper Studios - Magical Unicorn Experience

Remember when everything was magical
and all things were possible?

Our children are in a different world from the one we grew up in and they have fewer opportunities to play and imagine and simply be kids before their wonder years are gone.

Emilie Jasper Studios - Magical Fairy Experience

You love celebrating your child through timeless wall art and understand the strong positive impact that a beautiful portrait of themselves has on a child.

The artwork you choose for your home will be a moment of joy they'll have throughout their life.


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Our Magical Unicorn, Enchanted Woodland, and Waterfall Pool Experiences bring the magic of childhood to life and preserve those moments for generations.

For your child it is a time to bring out their innate sense of wonder and their playfulness, and they'll leave with a feeling of confidence and a sense of their own inner beauty.

Celebrate them with our timeless canvas artwork, the modern acrylic "Icemount", and a personalised storybook that has your child as the hero of their own story.

Emilie Jasper Studios - Your Child's Wonder-full Experience

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Studies have shown that children who grow up with portraits displayed in their home have a greater sense of belonging, self worth and happiness.

Seeing themselves as a piece of art in their own magical portrait is a daily reminder of how special they are in your eyes.


Emilie Jasper Studios - Magical Fairy Experience


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